Stand Alone DVR
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Stand Alone DVR
- Pentaplex 4/8/16 Channel 120/240/480 FPS
- Various models depending or Resolution. (CIF, Half D1, D1, HD)v - H.264 Records and Plays in High-definition Video
- CMS (Central Monitoring Station) / Web-Client Support
- POS / ATM (Optional), Archiving (EXE Format)
- USB 2.0 Mouse / USB Stick Memory (Front 2x, Rear 2x) (Except H-E Series model front 1x, rear 2x)
- Including DVD R/W (Except H-E Series)
- Software Upgrade via Network, USB Port, DVD-R/W
- Keyboard Controller, Various PTZ Protocol Support
- Audio Recording and Playback (2 Ways Audio Conference)
- Static IP, DHCP, DDNS Support, VGA Monitor Support, NTP (Network Time Protocol), WCS (Watermark Check System,
  E-map Function Support
- User-friendly Server GUI & Front Design Embedded Linux OS
- E-mail Notification (Video Clip, Still Image, Message)
- Supported IR Remote Controller
- Smart Phone Viewer and Mobile Viewer(Windows Mobile 6.0 or Higher)