PTZ Object Auto Tracking
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PTZ Object Auto Tracking
The intelligent multi-object tracking system is an innovative solution using the cutting-edge movement tracking technology. The unmanned surveillance solution can automatically detect and track the moving objects like people or vehicles for accurate identification.

For each system, up to 4 detecting cameras analyze the images in 30 frames per channel, and a PTZ camera tracks the detected object according to the predefined rule then sends the image to the central control center.

Moreover, the installation allows integration or individual selection of the analog camera, network camera, and video server. The system features the user friendly and powerful intelligent image analysis system with outstanding detection capability.
1.Outstanding Detection Capability
    - Various obstacles like camera shaking/covering and environmental factors (snow, rain, wind, etc.) are automatically
      eliminated to accurately identify the object.
    - The fixed camera for detection supporting the various detection functions uses the intelligent image analysis technique
      to thoroughly detect the intruding/hovering/wandering/left alone object within the virtual boundary.

2. Efficient Detection Method
    - The intelligent detection options can be automatically or manually changed for each camera or time band.

3. Linked Surveillance and Tracking
    - As the conventional cameras with automatic tracking function automatically track the moving objects, they are likely to
      track the unneeded objects in an area where there are many movements.
    - The automatic tracking function provided by UTiSS only tracks the objects detected by the intelligent image analysis,
      thus it can analyze only the intended objects and enable more accurate tracking even in the area of many movements.

4. Fast Alarm
    - An alarm is sent to the control center or security manager in real-time in various means at the same time as automatic
      object tracking.

5. Interface with Legacy Systems
    - The system can be configured to interface with the existing central control system, CCTV security system, illegal
      parking enforcement system, etc.