Network Video Recorder Software
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Max. 64CH Monitoring and Recording
- Integration with UTiSS Network Video Encoder and IP Cameras, 3rd party IP Surveillance Product
- Provide the integration with Megapixel IP Camera, HD IP Camera
- Simultaneous monitoring and recording of up to 64 channels (video/audio)
- Provide High Screen Resolution (1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 1200, etc.)
- Accepts H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG video formats
- Dual display operation for live monitoring and playback on two monitor
- Various operation on one monitor (live monitoring, channel setup and playback)
- Various recording (motion detect, sensor, continuous & scheduled)
- Support of Pan/Tilt/Zoom and digital input/output
- Audio and video recording synchronization
- GIS Map function supported
- DDNS server supported (Free)
- Full Screen Viewer and various screen division support
- Quick and easy to simultaneously search and playback
- Support unlimited accounts for login and user protection
- Alarm management : Automatic notification of alarm when any event occurs
- POS and I/O device integration, System Log
- Full channels of live audio streaming and recording
- Backup in "Avi" or "Raw Data" file (Support of ODD or other devices)
- Relocation of spilt screen by mouse dragging
- E-mail Notification with attached video images on motion and alarm activation
- Directs PTZ Dome to a preset location on motion and alarm activation
- Supported VMS, Video Analysis (Optional)
- Supported Mobile Viewer Application for IOS and Android.
Smart Search and Easy Playback
- Fast search the saved pictures of specific date and time
- Quick and easy search function (Thumbnail and Event list)
- Multi channel replay simultaneously
- Picture and Audio replay simultaneously
- Function of Changeable Replay Speed
- Searching motion detect -Search motion detected picture on specific part in saved pictures
- Auto Iris & Back light compensation
- Saving and Printing the searched picture
- Backup (AVI & Raw DAT format)
- Support keyword seach
- Direct image & video search from event list
Client connection with Internet Explorer
- Real-time remote monitoring the Image and Audio
- Remote setup and remote event list search
- E-map function support
- Remote P/T/Z & alarm device control
- Remote saving image (AVI / JPG)
- Connection restriction and control per authority by ID & Password
- Remote DVR State revision
Network Video Recorder Software