PC-based DVR
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PC-based DVR
- Capable of selection of the optimum product from the various models : 4, 16 & 32 Channels S/W codec and HW H.264 codec
- Built in Intelligent Video Content Analysis (IVCA)
- Capable of sufficient expansion by support of multi boards
- Unified software for all the models (Supported hybrid function)
- Audio recording : Support of 1-16 channels according to the model
- Duplex voice communication function between local DVR and client
- Image masking function to protect the specific private area
- View Event log function : Capable of check of the operation log of system in details
- Directly interface with POS/Cash register (without any text inserter device)
- Smart event search and playback by POS/Cash register transaction keyword
- Automatic notification of the alarm and video images when any event occurs
- E-mail notification of the alarm and picture when event occurs
- Automatic update of the newest S/W via internet
- Support E-MAP function
- Multi compression method : MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264 formats
- Quick and easy to simultaneously search and replay all the channels
- Back-up in Avi or Raw Data file (Support of ODD, USB or other back-up devices)
- Open architecture of S/W : Support of foreign language, P/T/Z and external device protocol
- Easy to change logo, product name and so forth for the discrimination product
- Advantages of Central Monitoring System (Remote Client)
- Connectable to maximum 1,024 DVR : Simultaneous view of PC-based DVR, Embedded DVR, Network Video Server and
  IP Camera.v
- Multi site : Simultaneous monitoring of up to 64 channels (up to 128 channels with dual monitor)
- Supported Mobile Viewer for Smart Phone : Android (iNetViewer), iOS (iNetDVR Viewer)
- Capable of monitoring on PDA
- View of template just like Bookmark
- Capable of monitoring and replay of the recorded audio data
- Automatic notification of alarm when any event occurs
- Remote Setting, Playback and Control of P/T/Z & External Device
- The Connectable users through the registered ID & Password
- Support of various networks : PSTN, ISDN, LAN, Leased Circuit, Internet etc.
- Capable of simultaneous connection to the different kind of network
- Support of dynamic IP Address
- Capable of remote monitoing through general Internet Web Browser
- Support of Active-X Control : Easy to integrate with other applications, MMI, HMI, etc.