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What is IVAS(Intelligent Video Analytics Server) used for?
Our IVAS Solution enhances video surveillance systems by performing the tasks of real-time event detection, while increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation and saving manpower costs.
INetTISS-IVAS also provides to add the integration solution to the existing cameras, whether it is an IP camera or an analog camera.
INetTISS-IVAS has the ability to send a real-time alert to an operator and will also store all the analytic events to be able to perform after the fact video searches. Also, more complex rules can be setup to start a recording, send an email alert, display a camera, etc. The benefit of this solution is that it will work with any camera.
IVAS Built-in Function
Intruder Detection : Detecting the person who intrude into a prohibition area
Loitering Detection : Detecting the person who loiter into a prevention area
Driving in reverse Detection : Detecting the vehicle that drive in reverse
Robbery Detection : Detecting the missing object
Abandoned Detection : Detecting the abandoned object
Border/Safety Line Detection : Detecting the object that intrude specific line
Parking Violation Detection : Detecting the vehicle that stay at no parking area
Object Classification : Detecting the object that classified like as person, vehicle, animal etc.
Tampering Detection : Detect when occur any tampering or moving the camera.
  • Retail Management Intelligence and Security
    - Flow analysis
    - Counting
    - Warehouse protection
    - High theft item monitoring
    - Stock monitoring
    - Unauthorized access or walking in the wrong direction
    - Fallen merchandise
    - Blocked emergency exit

    Transport Management and Security
    - Traffic flow analysis
    - Vehicle counting
    - Stabilize cameras on poles
    - Vehicle stalled on shoulder
    - Vehicle stopped in unauthorized location
    - Driving in the wrong direction
    - Speed limit warning
    - Stopping in emergency zone
    - Parking in illegal places (Bus stop, etc)
  • Intelligent Video Analysis Server

Intelligent Video Analysis Server

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