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Apart from the existing server system that was only able to perform intelligent analysis of live video, this intelligent image analysis search server can analyze and search for saved video.
An operator does not need to keep monitoring an entire video for searching, all he needs to do is to set the search conditions and search for the extracted video after a moment. This can reduce the unnecessary manpower and save time in this task.
Intelligent video analysis search server (iNetTiSS-Search) VS. intelligent video analysis server
iNetTiSS-IVAS uses an intelligent video analysis to prevent possible crimes ahead of time while iNetTiSS-Search uses video analysis to take immediate action on crimes that already took place.
Unlike iNetTiSS-IVAS in which you can only set the conditions for video analysis after considering possible crimes ahead of time, iNetTiSS-Search enables you to analyze a video in details with its fast searching feature for conditions of crimes that already occurred.
Considering that iNetTiSS-Search cannot prevent crimes ahead of time, these two products are indispensable to each other for to create a good security system.
iNetTiSS-Search Built-in Function
1. Object Color Filter - Can designate a color and extract an object that contains that color.
2. Plate Number Filter - Can detect a vehicle tag of an object and extract its number.
3. All Detection Filter of iNetTiSS-IVAS
    - Intruder Detection : Detecting the person who intrude into a prohibition area
    - Loitering Detection : Detecting the person who loiter into a prevention area
    - Driving in reverse Detection : Detecting the vehicle that drive in reverse
    - Robbery Detection : Detecting the missing object
    - Abandoned Detection : Detecting the abandoned object
    - Border/Safety Line Detection : Detecting the object that intrude specific line
    - Parking Violation Detection : Detecting the vehicle that stay at no parking area
    - Object Classification : Detecting the object that classified like as person, vehicle, animal etc.
    - Tampering Detection : Detect when occur any tampering or moving the camera.
Intelligent Video Analysis Search Server