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Thank you for visiting UTiSS Co., Ltd.'s homepage. Since it was founded in 2002 to develop the software for video surveillance, UTiSS has been committed to provide the differentiating products and stable security solutions with the industrys best technical capability.

Based on the market proven technologies, UTiSS has been exporting DVR(Digital Video Recorder) and NVR(Network Video Record) to 30 countries. Utilizing the extensive know-how accumulated from development of softwares in security surveillance for the past ten plus some years, the company owns outstanding technical capability and references in integration of various IP devices and systems. It also provides various solutions and products related to unmanned security surveillance, based on the intelligent video surveillance solutions. We invite you to find many products and solutions applying the intelligent video detection technology.

We pledge to develop not only the security surveillance solutions, but also the video information solutions to enrich your lives. Thank you.

Kyoo Sik Min