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iNetDVR People Counting Solution's Feature

* UTiSS delivers the new technology as part of its video analysis software solutions that can improve the security and
* Our PEOPLE COUNTING SOLUTION provides the retail traffic counting or the visitor traffic counting which can help the
   retailers increase the customer conversion, plan optimum staffing levels, and enhance the sales strategies.
* Our solution using video content analysis technology enables to display, record and count live images simultaneously
    (if any objects are detected in a specific area)
* Our solution can track and count any movements of objects which are passing through the zones or lines even quickly.
* Our solution provides not only people counting but also Vehicle counting included parking managements and road traffic
* Our solution is well-suitable for the places such as hotel, museums, theaters, parking facilities, municipalities, markets,
   shopping malls and ETC where the object counting is absolutely necessary and strongly helpful.
* Our solution provides the accurate and sophisticated counting data exported to file formats such as MS-Excel, so you can
   immediately analyze the data and produce reports.
* Our solution provides the hot zone on the map image and graphs of counter data classified by camera, zone and time period.
   (every hour or every day for example)

iNetDVR People Counting Solution's Advantages

* Highly scalable, dedicated and low cost solution
* Easy to take Statistics through Counting Log of Excel
* Available self installation
* Easy to monitor whenever / wherever with Internet web browser and mobile phone (Android, iPhone & Black Berry)
* Centralized Security Management system via Ethernet network
* Compatibility and integration of the intelligent video content analysis and the Digital Video Recorder

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iNetDVR People Counting Solution's Statistics

* Counting tabulated statistics by Total or Average for period selected.
* Counting data exported to MS-Excel file format.
* Counting data displayed hot zone on the map image
* Providing graphs of counter data classified by camera, zone and time.