Virtual Fence
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Virtual Fence

iNetDVR Virtual Fence Solution Feature

* UTiSS delivers new technology as part of its video analysis software solution that can improve the security and safety
* Our Virtual Fence Solution using video content analysis technology enables to display, record and count live image
   simultaneously (if any object)
* Our Virtual Fence Solution provide the reduce false triggers and improve the innovative accuracy of detection and
   tracking of intrusion. It is possible to specify shape, size, distance and speed of objects to track
* Our Virtual Fence Solution provide the fastest surveillance. Close-up views meeting recognition or identification in
   virtual fence areas are recorded by the auto tracking camera-all without the need of a human operator.
* Our Virtual Fence Solution can track and detect any movements of objects which are passing through the zones or
   lines even quickly
* Our Virtual Fence Solution provide to interface with Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder
* When the intrusion detection occurs from virtual fence area, the Auto tracking Network Camera go
  automatically to the position of camera where occur event, and begin to follow down moving objects

iNetDVR Virtual Fence Solution's Advantages

* Compatibility with Auto Tracking Network Camera Solution
* Low and saving the expense
* Easy installation
* Easy setting and monitoring whenever / wherever with web browser and mobile phone (Android, iPhone & Black Berry)
* Centralized Security Management system via Ethernet network
* Compatibility and integration of the intelligent video content analysis and the Digital Video Recorder