360º Panorama View Camera
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360º Panorama View Camera

360º Panorama View Fish Eye Network Camera

Mega2102 is a Fish-Eye IP Camera featured with excellent H.264-High Profile performance and includes a Fish-Eye lens 360 panoramic view without blind spot, which is extremely suitable to view a wide area such as parking lot, store, office, etc. Thus larger image areas can be displayed and recorded using one Mega2102 camera instead of multiple cameras.
Main Feature
- Real Time panorama image monitoring
- Support virtual PTZ - no motor required
- High resolution panorama view support
- Various view mode support : 360° , 180 °
- Surround view (Quad) and Center mode.
- Cost reduction by replacing 4~5 conventional
- Camera with only 1 camera.
- Hotel, Restaurant, Convenience store, Retail store, Department store
- Office room, Conference room, School, Library, Museum, Botanical garden
- Playground, Banking, Subway, Airport, Apartment complex
- Expressway, Street, Crossroad, Parking lot, Gas station, etc.
View Mode
360º Panorama View Camera View Mode