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Mobile DVR

The Most Rugged Mobile DVR Introduced Ever

MVR04H provides the cutting edge of Mobile solutions for any types of mobile transportations, MVR04H was built upon industrial specificaton that offers the most reliable Mobile solutions ever. Its industrial specification allows withstanding any harsh conditions of shock, vibration and temperature. Explore our new Mobile DVR and being protected by the most reliable in-vehicle device.

* Compact size for in-vehicle installation
    - Its compact size provides space efficient in vehicle installation for various type of moving vehicles

* Multi storage support - 2.5" Removable HDD, SD Card and USB
    - MVR04H provides dual recording storages. It provides 25" removable HDD and SD(SDHC up to 32G) for recording. SD
      can be alsoused as emergency back up storage if it is used with HDD together under harsh driving conditions or weather.       USB can be usedfor Data being copied and backed up on

* Built in GPS for E-Map application
    - Built in GPS allows keeping the track of moving vehicles by using CMS and Google Map

* Industrial Standard to stand harsh temperatures without additional enclosures
    - MVR04H is designed to meet the industrial level of H/W structure to stand harsh conditions. Not like other DVRs
      which require additional enclosures, MVR04H is designed with the self heating system on its Main Boards so that it can
      stand up to-20 degrees without an additional enclosure and with noremal HDDs

* Various and most useful I/Os
    - MVR04H is equipped with various useful I/Os. 4ch audio in allow input control from - 91.5dB ~ +31.4dB and 2ch relay
      outs(350mA), 2 USB ports are provided for backup and mouse control, RS232 and RS485 are provided for external devices

* Quick and easy playback and search event log by MVR Viewer Program
    - Provide MVR Viewer program for quick and easy playback, also can search event data eaily and provide AVI backup

* Anti-shock and vibration tests upon military specification
    - MVR04H is designed with full anti shock and vibration H/@ structure, its dual protection architectures are built on HDD
      rack internally and main body

* Various event detection using built-in G-sensor
    - 3 axis G-sensor allows to keep and record vibrations or shocks (traffic accidents, quick start and emergency stop) on
      vehicles during the driving, this provides recording for the various type of event on DVR System