Central Monitoring Software
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Powerful Video Management Software
- Full Screen viewer and various screen division support (1, 4, 9, 16, N x N etc.)
- Simultaneous monitoring up to 128ch on one Monitor (more than 256CH on dual monitor)
- Mark Image display speed (FPS) on the Live Screen
- Preset touring support
- Administers Site List by each management personnel
- Support the backup of User configuration
- Support the Grouping of Channel List and appearance the channel image of group selected
- Support Max. 256 channel for each management personnel Support the grouping for each camera, sensor and switch
- 2 ways Voice communication on popup window (VMS - Local)
- Support the one click PTZ control on the live screen (Click mouse button for moving PT and use mouse wheel for zoom)
- Configurable term of preset tour
- Selectable to method of switch control (automatic or manual)
- Configurable to the follow up measures after occurring event
- Displaying and Recording to all of the event
- Support easy event management and playback function
- Quick and easy to simultaneously search and playback
- Support GIS Map and Monitoring function
Central Monitoring Software