Auto Object Tracking Solution
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Auto Object Tracking Solution

Auto Object Tracking Solution by using a fixed Megapixel Network Camera

Main Feature
- UTiSS's digital zoom tracking solution that is using intelligent video content analysis technology is a excellent video
  surveillance solution with a fixed camera.
- Provide the fastest surveillance. And close-up views meeting recognition or identification and automatically start to follows
  and thus to realize full-time unattended surveillance.
- Reduce false triggers and improve the innovative accuracy of detection and tracking of object. It is possible to specify shape,
  size, distance and speed of object to track.
- The Intelligent Video Analysis can perform object classification like person, car etc.
- Detect the object correctly in undesirable environment (Snowing, Raining, Fog, Shaking etc.)
- Easy and quick search directly from event list. And supporting multi channel playback.
- Max. 64CH monitoring and recording high resolution image of 2M, 3M, 5M and full HD network camera
- Smart search and easy playback
- Client connection with Internet Explorer and Smart Phone whenever and wherever
- Detects when an object such as a person or vehicle is inside or is crossing a zone or a line
- By detection rule (Enter / Exit, Appear / Disappear, Stopping / Dwell, Removed / Abandoned, Speed, Directional etc.)